Whisky single malt quarter cask laphroaig

Flavour Profile


  • Cinnamon
  • Smoke
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Malt
  • Tobacco
  • Toffee
  • Distillery Bottling

  • Scotland

  • Islay

  • Yes

  • Seductive smells. Ripe, new-make barley sweetness. A barbecue. A flower. A sooty chimney. A horse. A can of condensed milk. A slice of apple and a piece of Gouda. An amazingly tactile nose, if that makes sense; the aromas seem to make physical contact, they touch me.
    Oak. Fruit. Grandparents’ musty apartments. Soft impact that is very sensual and easy at the higher-than-normal abv%. Toffee and stubbed cigarettes. Nutty cheesiness. Slow arrival of a huge peaty impact and a cloud of smoke. Smoky finish with biscuity chewiness hanging around.
    SUMMARY: An absolute treat to drink. Full-on and not for every mood, but hearty as a good stew. A sweeter, softer, friendlier Laphroaig that still manages to fill every corner of the house of your senses with the medicinal peatiness in ways that only Laphroaig can. And should. And does.

    • Powerful smoke, sweet malt, wet turf, coal. Develops chocolate & cinnamon.

    • Full-bodied, rich and mouth-coating. Delicious sweet gristy malt and rich peat, woodsmoke. The coal appears mid-palate.

    • Very long, sweet and smoky, with the coal lingering longest.

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